Glowup Ceramic Spray Coating

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Glowup repels water & dirt, makes your car shine, easier to clean and stay clean for longer with 2-3 months of ceramic protection.

  • Water & dirt repellent
  • Rich candy like shine
  • Car becomes easier to clean
  • Ceramic protection for 2-3 months
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What to Expect?

Leaves a rich candy like shine

Glowup Ceramic Spray Coating will leave a rich candy-like shine to your paint.

Makes it easier to get dirt off

Glowup Ceramic Spray Coating will leave a slippery layer of protection, which makes it harder for dirt and grime to stick to your paint, when your rinse your car the dirt has a much easier time to come off.

Keeps your car clean for longer

The slippery layer of ceramic protection Glowup Ceramic Spray Coating leaves will make it harder for dirt and grime to stick to your paint. You still need to wash it, but it will take a bit longer before it’s dirty again.

Makes drying easier

Because of the protective layer Glowup Ceramic Spray Coating leaves on your paint, drying your car will become much easier. Since glowup repels water, the majority of the water will just slide off. Remove the remaining water with our Pulloff Drying Towel

3 months of ceramic protection

One bottle of Glowup Ceramic Spray Coating is enough for 4+ applications, the results of each application will last for 2-3 months. Most of our customers reapply after 2 months.



Glowup & Pulloff Kit
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