Ultimate Kit

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Safely clean, shine and protect your car, inside and out

  • Dry without streaks of water
  • Shine & ceramic protection for 2-3 months
  • Wheels, Pre-Wash, Contact Wash
  • Protect, Dry, Interior, Windows, Tires
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What to Expect?

Breakup brake dust and dirt from your wheels

Breakup Wheel Cleaner

Effortlessly breakup brake dust and dirt, safe on all wheel types, by simply spraying it on, letting it work for a few minutes, and rinsing it off

Remove layers of road grime and bugs

Blast Heavy Duty Cleaner

Easily removes bugs and bird poop. Use to clean and scrub your tires. Also use this as a pre wash when the bottom half and back of the car are heavily covered in dirt or salt, this happens a lot during winter time

Pre wash with snow foam and let dirt drip off

Drip Snow Foam Pre Wash

Pre wash your car with Drip Snow Foam, to let the majority of the dirt drip off your car, so you can safely proceed to the contact wash, while minimizing micro scratches. Ph neutral, so also safe to use if your car is protected. Apply with a foam cannon

lubrication for a safe contact wash

Flow Contact Wash

Safely wash your car, by creating lubrication between your paint and washmitt, Ph neutral so also safe to use on cars with protection. Add to your bucket or apply with a foam cannon

Shine & ceramic protection for 2-3 months

Glowup Ceramic Spray Coating

Ceramic protection for 2-3 months in an easy to apply spray format, this will make your car shine, easier to clean and dry since it repels water and dirt

Prevent waterspots & dry without streaks

Pulloff Drying Towel

Prevent water spots by drying your entire car with just one Pulloff Drying Towel, without leaving streaks, scratches, lint or wringing it out

leaves clean and matte finish in interior

Purpall Interior Cleaner

Safely and effectively clean your entire interior, leather, dashboard and engine bay, without leaving behind a shiny oily finish. Purpall leaves a clean matte finish and pleasant scent

Clear windows without streaks

Clear Glass Cleaner

Clearly see through your windows again and make it shine like a mirror. Clean your windows, mirrors, multimedia screens and glossy parts of your interior without leaving streaks

protects tires and leaves matte satin finish

Blackout Matte Tire Dressing

Cheap tire shines don’t protect and leave a shiny finish. Blackout protects your tires from cracking, and gives them a rich matte satin finish