Blast Heavy Duty Cleaner

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  • Minimize microscratches by pre washing your car
  • Removes tough dirt and grime from the lower half
  • Cleans your tires and makes Tire Coating bond better and last longer
  • Removes bird poop, road salt, and bug splats

Minimize micro scratches by safely removing thick layers of dirt and grime

If you want to minimize micro scratches on your car's paint during the contact wash stage, it's important to remove as much dirt and grime as possible during the pre wash stage. That's where our Blast Heavy Duty Cleaner comes in. This powerful formula is specifically designed to tackle the toughest dirt and grime on the lower half of your car, including pesky contaminants like bird poop, road salt, and bug splats. Simply apply the pre wash to the affected areas and let it do the hard work of removing as much dirt and grime as possible.


Clean your tires so your tire coat bonds better and lasts longer

Are your tires looking a little dirty and in need of a good clean? Our Blast Heavy Duty Cleaner is perfect for preparing your tires for a layer of Blackout Tire Coating. Simply apply the pre wash to your tires and let it remove excess dirt and grime. This will help ensure that the Blackout Tire Coating bonds better and lasts longer.


Dilute 1:1 to use on coated and waxed cars

Blast Heavy Duty Cleaner is powerful and, when used in its purest form, may strip away some of the exterior protection on your car. To avoid this, we recommend reapplying protection after cleaning your entire car or diluting Blast Heavy Duty Cleaner with a ratio of 1 part Blast to 1 part water. This will make it safe for use on waxed or coated cars.

Our Blast Heavy Duty Cleaner is easy to use and produces impressive results. Give it a try and see the difference for yourself. Your car will thank you.

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