How to wash your car?

Step 1: Wheels

How to quickly clean?

For weekly maintenance cleaning, simply spray Breakup Wheel Cleaner on your wheels, let is sit for a few minutes until it changes color, then rinse it off. This will remove the majority of the dirt and brake dust 

How to deep clean and protect?

1. Rinse

Rinse your wheels to remove loose dirt and debris

2. Breakdown brake dust and dirt with Breakup Wheel Cleaner

Break down brake dust and dirt by spraying Breakup Wheel Cleaner on your wheels, let it sit for a few minutes to do it’s job, you will start to see it changing colour, this means it’s breaking down the metal particles from the brake dust.

3. Scrub your tires with Blast Citrus Pre Wash and Tire Brush

While you wait, Spray Blast Citrus Pre Wash on your tires, and scrub them with your Tire Brush. This will remove previous tire dressing, if you had one. A clean surface will make sure the coat of Blackout Tire Dressing will bond better so it can protect your tires for longer.

4. Clean the barrel of your wheel with the Soft Wheel Brush

Use the Soft Wheel Brush to clean the barrel of your wheel and reach all the way to the back. You can bend the brush to get to the harder to reach areas. Cheap wheel brushes use plastic which will scratch your wheels, this one is soft so you can safely clean your wheels without worrying about damaging them.

Dip your Soft Wheel Brush in a bucket with water and spray Breakup Wheel Cleaner on your brush (do the same with your Wheelmitt and Boar Detail Brush), when Breakup Wheel Cleaner comes into contact with water it will start foaming when scrubbing, this will make the cleaning process easier.

5. Wash the face of your wheels with the Wheel Wash Mitt

Use the wheelmitt to clean the face of your wheels and behind the spokes

6. Clean your lug nuts and hard to reach areas with the Boar Detail Brush

You use your Boar Detail Brush to clean the lug nuts (the "holes" for the bolts) and the hard to reach areas, like the corners, the hairs on this detail brush are a bit stiffer, this will help you to clean and scrub stubborn dirt, while still soft enough for a safe clean without damaging your wheels.

7. Rinse and check if tires are clean

Rinse tires and wheels. Clean a small part of your tires again, if the foam turns brown they aren’t clean yet, and you have to scrub them again with Blast Citrus Pre Wash and your Tire Brush, if the foam is white, they are clean and you can proceed to the next step.


8. Make your wheels shine and water & dirt repellent with Glowup Ceramic Detailer

It’s time to protect your wheels, give them a bit of shine and make them water and dirt repellent, which will make them easier to clean next time. Spray Glowup Ceramic Detailer on your wheels and immediately rinse them off before it dries.


Step 2: Pre Wash

Remove heavy dirt, salt, bugs and bird poop with Blast Citrus Pre Wash

Remove bugs and bird poop with Blast Citrus Pre Wash. Also used when the bottom half and back of the car are heavily covered in dirt or salt, this happens a lot during winter time.

Blast Citrus Pre Wash is heavily concentrated, so very strong. If your car is protected with Glowup Ceramic Detailer, coating, wax or sealant, using Blast Citrus Pre Wash will strip the layer over time. It is completely safe to use on all types of paint and wraps, but just keep in mind you have to reapply your preferred protection on the cleaned area.

Or just mix 1 part with 4 parts of water to use it without it removing your layer of protection.

1. Spray Blast Citrus Pre Wash on the preferred area of cleaning
2. Let it soak for a few minutes, do not allowed it to dry
3. Thoroughly rinse it off


Drip Snow Foam and the Snow Foam Cannon to safely let the majority of the dirt drip off your car before washing, do this to prevent damaging your paint during the contact wash

Use Drip Snow Foam to let the majority of the dirt drip of your car, if there is still a lot of dirt on your paint and you start washing it by hand you can damage your paint

1. Add 100ml of Drip Snow Foam to your Snow Foam Cannon
2. Fill it up with warm water
3. Foam your entire car
4. Now let the foam sit on your car for a few minutes, it will loosen the dirt and let it drip off
5. Rinse before it dries.

A Karcher K-Series adapter and Quick release adapter is included with every Foam Cannon.

If you have a different pressure washer, look online for an adapter for your brand, and then you can use the Snow Foam Cannon on your pressure washer aswell.


    Step 3: Wash

    Safely remove the remaining dirt, by letting your washmitt glide across your paint with a smooth barrier of Flow Car Shampoo in between it

    Wash your car with Flow Car Shampoo this creates a smooth barrier between the washmitt and the paint of your car, this way you can safely wash your paint and minimise the risk of causing microscratches.

    1. Add 50ml of Flow Car Shampoo to your bucket and mix with water or add 50ml to your Foam Cannon and top off with warm water.

    2. Foam the entire car and wash your car in straight lines starting at the top and washing the bottom sides of your car in the end, since that’s were most of the dirt is, you don’t want to drag your dirt wash mitt all across your paint.

    3. Rinse down your entire car.


      Step 4: Dry, Shine & Protect

      Effortlessly dry your entire car with just one Pulloff Drying Towel and without leaving streaks.

      Use one Pulloff Drying Towel to dry your entire car without leaving big streaks. When using traditional microfiber towels you need to use multiple towels to dry the car since they get saturated very quickly.

      We use a different technology to produce the Pulloff Drying Towel, when you look closely there are tons of small loops on the towel, they consist of multiple fibres that are joined together and then twisted, because of this process it can absorb more water.

      You can dry your entire car with just one towel, without big streaks or wringing it out. Will just leave some really small streaks in the end after drying your entire car, these aren’t really noticeable.

      You don’t need a layer of protection/coating for it to work, it will just make it smoother, faster and easier.

      Add ceramic protection to your car, make it repel water & dirt, shine, and easier to clean for 3 months with Glowup Ceramic Detailer

      It’s time to protect your car with Glowup Ceramic Detailer. This will make your car shine or add richness to your colour if you have matte paint/wrap, your car will become easier to clean since dirt has a harder time sticking to your paint, so next time you wash it, the dirt will come off very easily.

      Glowup Ceramic Detailer will leave a hydrophobic layer which will repel water and dirt, this way your car will also stay clean for longer.

      1. Spray Glowup Ceramic Detailer on a Soft Microfiber Towel.
      2. Apply on one panel at a time, in the shade on a cool exterior surface so it doesn’t dry.
      3. Spread horizontally and vertically 
      4. Quickly switch to the dry Soft Microfiber Towel and buff until nothing remains.
      5. If you accidentally let it dry on your paint, don't worry, simply re-apply on that area, this will reignite it, then buff it off to a nice shine


      Step 5: Finishing Touch

      Make your windows look like mirrors, without leaving streaks with Clear Glass Cleaner

      Cheap glass cleaners leave streaks after cleaning. Clear Glass Cleaner doesn’t leave any streaks.

      1. Spray Clear Glass Cleaner on your Glass Towel
      2. Spread evenly
      3. Switch to your dry Glass Towel and wipe until nothing remains

      Protect your tires from cracking, and give them a rich matte satin finish

      Protect your tires against cracking and make them look matte and new again. Most tire dressings leave a shiny finish, Blackout Tire Dressing leaves a rich satin matte finish.

      1. Spray Blackout Tire Dressing on your Tire Dressing Applicator, don’t over apply
      2. Spread evenly across your tires, until the residue disappears and you see a matte satin finish
      3. Move your car forward or backward a bit, so you can also apply it on the spot at the bottom