Frequently asked question

Glowup Ceramic Detailer vs. regular wax at a washbox/self serve car wash?

Wax at the car wash will last for around 1 week, 
Glowup Ceramic Detailer will last for around 3 months.

Ceramic offers a higher level of protection compared to wax. And will leave a slippery layer which results in water, dust, dirt, tree sap and other debris having an easier time to slide off.

Glowup Ceramic Detailer will leave a rich candy like shine to your paint, a level of shine the wax at the washbox will not get you.

Does Glowup Ceramic Detailer work on the windows?
It is not made for the windows, but it does work on windows and makes it water repellent. 

When applied on your windshield, it can make it a bit harder for your wipers to wipe smoothly because of the protective layer.