Pulloff Drying Towel


36" x 28" / 90 x 70 cm

Prevent water spots by drying your entire car with just one Pulloff Drying Towel, without leaving streaks, lint or wringing it out


Will this dry the entire car?


The Pulloff Drying Towel has twist loop fibers which makes it able to absorb more water compared to regular microfiber towels.


You only need one towel to dry your entire car, without wringing it out.

Does it only work on wraps and coated cars?

The Pulloff Drying Towel also works on regular car paint.

It also works on cars without any protection applied to it, and will dry the entire car, just not as smooth and effortless like in our video.

Works best when you have a water repellent layer of protection applied to your paint like Glowup Ceramic Detailer, but also works if you use the wax from the washbox, or other water repellent products.


How to wash?

Follow the steps below to ensure you don’t ruin the water absorbency of your Pulloff Drying Towel

Wash on max 40 degrees celcius, without adding fabric softeners

Don’t wash together with microfiber towels you used with Glowup Ceramic Detailer or other sealant


Don’t dry using a tumble dryer, but let it hang to dry

Love it or your money back

Try it for 30 days after receiving it, if you aren’t 100% satisfied send it back for a full refund