Snow Foam Cannon


The Snow Foam Cannon is used to apply Drip Snow Foam and Flow Car Shampoo.

What is Snow Foam?

Snow Foam is a Pre-Wash product that helps to break down and remove dirt and grime which accumulates on your cars paintwork, making this a great first step to washing a dirty car as you don't have to make contact with the paint surface with a wash mitt.


How to use?

1. Fill up your Snow Foam Cannon with 200ml of Drip Snow Foam and top if off with warm water.

2. Let the formula work for a couple of minutes, then rinse off using clean water.


Does it work on my pressure washer?

Drip Snow Foam Cannon is compatible with all Karcher K-Series pressure washers

if you have a pressure washer from another brand, you can purchase an adapter for that brand, to make it compatible with the Drip Snow Foam Cannon, we don't sell it, but email us if you need help